SaltDogg®: Leader of the Pack Spreaders from 100 lb. up to 16 yd. capacity. From manual walk-behind spreaders, to electric drive, gas powered or hydraulic drive spreaders, SaltDogg has what you need.
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SaltDogg Salt Spreaders Comparison Charts

Salt spreaders can be a large investment. To help you be sure that you’re getting the best spreader for your needs, we’ve put the features, benefits and prices of salt spreaders side-by-side so that you can compare them all in one place. Compare Salt Spreaders.

If you’re thinking about buying a salt spreader we have a comparison site for those as well.

2yd Poly Spreader Comparison Chart

3yd Poly Auger Comparison Chart

4yd Poly Auger Comparison Chart

6yd Poly Auger Salt Spreader Comparison Chart

Electric SST Chain Spreader Comparison Chart

Gravity Feed Spreaders Comparison Chart

SUV Spreaders Comparison Chart

Two Stage Salt Spreader Comparison Chart

Under Tailgate Salt Spreader Comparison Chart

Vertical Auger Spreader Comparison Chart


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